What will make them come back to your blog

The ideas won't come unless you invest time in productivity.mental block or not push through the mental fortress, when we assume thatproductivity will.come easily, that's the mistake we make. You must push through brain shadow in order to reap some light. This project isn't just about you, it's about your audience, you are looking for ways to extract information from your target audience.

Free directories
Resource guides
Bookings for mentoring sessions
Post half of your article on other sites then create a link back to your site
Backlinks are extremely useful for promotion

You could setup a forum for your target audience with ning,
You can use omnivio or udemy for seminars
Google hangouts for one to one chats
Chatting with your target audience
Monetize a youtube channel
Have a series of pay per post sites, and setup some links from them. The possibilities are endless.


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