Confidence for the artiste

The assumption many of us make as creative's is to believe we are separate from a Marxist, capitalist society. In order to excel at your business and make your product more prolific, you have to promote, promote and promote. Generate effective leads via a website or a blog, link to key article sites, magazines and newspapers, request a freelance spread. It is important to showcase the potential of your product, what are it's strengths. Hold a forum, acquire qualitative research about its weaknesses. As much as we all want to be endorsed by business angels, investors, grants and funding companies, pay attention to crowd funding, tap into as much financial information as you can. Add yourself to directories, be active on social media, market, market, and pitch effectively. If you can sum up your product in less than three minutes your on a winning streak, if there are a lot of ers, ohms, and you find yourself indecisive, you could be in trouble.


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