Listening takes the lead

Business is brutal right?Your supposed to take everybodys coin and literally worship yourself as you do it. I dont know about that theory, tell that to the customer who asks for a refund and writes a review or complaint bad enough to shut your whole operation down. Business is fun, its about socially impacting others, driving audiences to your main gate and flooding it.Why your business isnt making you enough money is simple, you may not care enough about your customers or clientelle, to have invested enough in researching their lifestyle. Your output may be far worse than your input, poor management of funds, bad presentation, not well organised or structured business plan, therefore the daily routine used to pursue contacts , clients and build a database is not just unpolished, its over stretched. The budget is too high for small necessities, there are things there you dont even need, and everything begins to spiral out of your hands on your control. The dictionary term for capital should be the amount of emotional intelligence and investment in others. It is a rye humour that leads me to the image of the businessman, or the business woman sobbing and ripping their hair out, or turning on staff because they believed in the old adage if you build it, they will come. The question is, what location did you build it in, and unto whose glory. People mistake business for being all about the voracity of the switch, how much can i take from others? Its actually how much of an impact can i make to the lives of others, how accessible is my product or service? Ease of use? Have i held a focus group so i can interact with my clients, how can i build confidence in this product? In business plans they often ask what your unique selling point is. Are you assisting the disabled? Is your product a learning scheme? A community outreach service? A grants and enterprise crowd funding service? A pitch platform? A book entitled gnatting away at the nuisances of networking? Maybe your seed design was too architecturally insular.....ALL ABOUT YOUR WANTS AND NEEDS. Hello your services should be interactive, your clients are not made of money? Some people are so stingy with their coin, you have an image of them sleeping with it under their pillow. After almost an hour of pitching, nullifying rejection after rejection, you realise you could simply be dealing with a narcissist playing a mental game of psychological chess. Oh well, your bound to meet some strange ones. The truth is though business which we often forget is about them not you. Put aside the grandiose of owning your own business......and not being able to afford Mcdonalds at the same time, its all about your audience. Now lets begin by listening to them


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