Top tip for becoming a millionaire: Marketing Houdini versus Marketing minions

Is it possibly the most daring, devilishly stupid thing to believe you can conquer the world with an idea? Yes for some. With the right structure, effective, marketing, a database of contacts and connections your set to fly but in business its never that easy. Let me introduce why...... Just because you want to sell the product doesnt mean others want to buy it. I define it as a process of skilled negotiation, an open dialog and an interest, not just in what you have to gain but your clients. The hard pitch has become an old adage, ever seen those oxfam charity workers who chase you up and down the street to get you to sign up to their scheme, now lets be honest how many of us, run. I once got chased up east ham high street by a charity worker, we were both laughing at the end of it, and he was persistent, so that i had to congratulate him for. What impressed me as a potential client was his ability to engage with customers, as i watched from a distance i was slightly awed, he had great confidence in what he was doing, the passion was there, and there was no mettallic monotone. It was banter. He had turned a sales pitch into conversational banter, and it was done so strategically, you forgot you were being sold too. I call it the houdini trick, every sales person, every agent, every successful entrepreneur must have had a handle on this. "No im not taking your money, im doing you a favour, it's for your soul," but jokes aside Marketing houdini's Virginise Marketing Minions. Ever done Market research? a job that will literally make you pull out your own hair. Its the systemacy of the pitch that makes potential clients hang the phone up on you shrieking, " i'm x directory, how the hell did you get this number." In your mind your thinking from someone you found less irritating. Those who are successful at Market research or telephone interview, maybe direct sales know one keen, not key, keen secret. You have to be able to build a rapport with the potential client, that means identifying them not just as customers but the strangest thing someone you can hold great dialogue with. People are interested in people who are interested in them. Have you ever been around someone who made you want to communicate with them all the time? After a while you realise this person has plugged a mountain of information about you and they remain mystique, an excellent houdini,uses the thread of information to collect gaps in lifestyle. They mentally place you in brackets very quickly what might you need, how might you need it done, what type of character traits do you have, does everything need to be microwaveable, are you all about cheap gadgets and goods because of your budget, status orientated, what information can they provide you with to tittilate your interest. What do you need solved?As a sales person, you are a problem solver, as an Entrepreneur the world may have given you a saviour complex, to get to a millionaire, you have to resolve a lot of problems for a lot of people. Its less about the money, and more about how evolved the mind is. Ofcourse all this is up for debate


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