How to be a millionaire blogger

There are a number of prolific sites which allow you to use them as referral sites, from,aol, Yahoo, Buzz feed , hulu, histogram, even craigslist allows some input. It is important to be aware there is a database of information or news profile sites that require your creative input, and of course a necessary link to your webpage. Some bloggers go as far as buying traffic, yet that subject I will breach in later discussions.

Make the most out of capitalising on your most popular posts, you may create a series that provides resourceful and exciting information on events, marketing, branding, technology, whatever tickles your tastebuds include your own stamp. Make sure it has your signature, obviously not literally....hey whatever floats your boat.

At present as an international blogger whether it's travel blogging, or blogging about shoes, you need to know all the hotspots, the internet is a Mecca of information and access, expand your brand with a book series linked to your blog, if you design your own clothing or template brand.

Become an expert in a niche area ,the key to building great traffic is having a site which expands its horizons.providing books, ideas, podcasts as discussed in the earlier piece. For example 69,000 People downloaded my mini ebook, (lunchbox millionaire) based on an article I read. My next book titled what it really means when he touches the small of your back, is based on a dating article I wrote that became extremely popular, and of course there wis in fact a final draft I'm working on for Amazon titled, Beating bullies, and strategies for social media. As a blogger you are an influencer, start your affiliate ad promotion service with sites like chitika,blue host and of course google ad sense. Produce as many effective articles, that aid your readers. Expand the brand, your blog is simply a platform to get creative for now, the more you enjoy it, and pay attention to posting links and engaging your customers, the more your blog will begin to develop. See it as your audiences, breakfast or morning show, and be beyond consistent.


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