How to make a million blogging

With some fab ideas of course and gradually building up your traffic. A lot of people complain they don't have enough traffic and yet that said, they don't produce enough content. The average amount your supposed to produce if you want a rise in your amount of hits and traffic is sixteen articles or more,per week. The old adage content is king, is without humour can be the difference between an improvement in sales and more hits on your counter. Use other platforms as well as your blog to attract viewers, as much as we focus on the aesthetics of our website, it is important to have a product which draws audiences in, and keeps them lusting for more. Create a series that provides resourceful information, run successful competitions, guest blog on such sites as Huffington post, triond, hub pages, squidoo. Input your articles in a magazine or on your social networking sites, the importance of a title that hooks audiences is key. Check out your competition, as much as content is king it's queen is research. Make sure your topic of discussion is well research. Your goal is to provide a service to your users. Your blog is not just a platform for expression, it is a gateway,of change for whoever invests in following it. You are helping them cultivate a dynamic future by using this platform to celebrate exciting topics , products, and provide info on effective affiliate marketing campaigns. First of all share your articles on social media, it is important to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, interest, and your other social networks to have access to productive information. Give tips and tricks, whilst discussing the cheapest locations to access the products. Pay attention to what is trending on both social media, and on sites like the yahoo and google homepage. Use Google trends and keyword optimisation to create the most effective posts Your blog is a business, it should have a unique selling point. If an investor were to buy your blog in the business of blog flipping, what is your angle, what is your unique selling point, how much are your followers willing to invest on your blogs products information. If you feel your blog or website is worth a lot of money, then produce content accordingly and have a highly effective social media strategy.


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