Million dollar countdown

Million dollar countdown

Self belief is the master of success. You have to believe in not just what you can do now, but that you can push the boundaries and meet your targets exposing your potential. It is you and yourself, your in a race with yourself, allowing neither demons or the insecurities of others to corrupt you. The more you try and succeed the more people will talk, and try and pull you down, you have to keep your head up because the path to success is riddled with curious obstacles which choose to come alive. It is your discipline that will get you there, it is your focus, but most of all it is your mentality.

Put your brand out there, and navigate through the masses, advertising your niche. Many people make the mistake of making their target audience too general. You need the right strategy, and that strategy means engaging your audience, and compiling a list of strengths of your product, and why it makes your clients lifestyle more accessible. That's right have a client in mind, be age specific. market your brand on or sites, social media like Facebook, Twitter, histogram, hub pages; drive traffic to your site by offering interactivity.

Your mind should be a place of infinite ideas, your audience is out there, you just have to either do some market research yourself, or outsource to a media company offering a percentage of the commission for each client they refer towards you. Include recruitment companies and speakers to get the word out there, there is power in spoken word. Network at key events for example utilise your business centres, your community centres, even your ground centre, definitely where an audience gathers, because each individual is a potential sale. Be realistic, and empathetic, why should they give you their hard earned cash, because your offering another saleable, microwaveable product. A product that makes life much easier, you may have a tight pitch, but you are not a salesman, you have experienced some of these problems yourself, and are trying to instigate a positive and productive change.

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