Strength in sour times

Epilepsy. It's the one word I tried to ignore for most of my life not giving it president. A moment of chaos, weakness, and vulnerability, and yet I triumph bare. Anyone who deals with a disability has to focus on health first, self esteem and then the importance of business. Making social contacts and connections, celebrating your skills and your growth as a human being. It's real, it's there, but your annoying the panda at the coffee table have a dream to accomplish. Don't just believe in its potential believe in yours, when we chase dreams we are in the process of becoming, emerging from the crystals. In my journey I have worked with some top names, and yet it's not an advert for the second, hours, weeks or months I spent in their company. It is the celebration of crossing paths with people the universe agreed were a match for me. Great thinkers, and a steady stream of leaders, warriors, and others who were also searching for a sense of themselves. Do not loose yourself in an oblivion of thoughts with no action, whatever your passion take it by the reigns, and gallop all the way to your destination. You are leaving behind a legacy, in this lifetime, all the busy angels will stop what their doing just to hear your song


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