Vasco da gamma shipwreck

Are you life shipwrecked with no clue which path to take? I call it the vasco da gamma life visit, where everything seems to be shelter skelter, and you find yourself picking bodies apparent, from the chaos. I.e Ex boyfriends and ex best friends, do not check out the lonely hearts column just yet. The universe is telling you something. Human beings are mobile and yet your life is at a stand still, because of the choices you made and the people you invested in. Do not allow yourself to be sucked into an emotional black hole, we invest in the characters that we do because of who we were at the time. Yet you are constantly evolving metamorphosing into a self whose skin you undeniably feel comfortable in, whose ideas you respect, and whose dreams you can believe in. Invest in yourself, in building the trust back up, love yourself, and believe in your potential. Whether you were lost at the bottom of the ocean you are rising and arriving at the shore.


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