Aces Arriving #4billion

They may not see you when you get there, but keep going anyway. We all have people we want to proove ourselves too, people we want to assert ourselves before, and people who we want to respect our dreams and ambitions. The reality is, sometimes those people are on a different path, to a different journey and a different destination. It is your job, to remain foussed on your challenge no matter what life throws at you. Believe, achieve and recieve. You will have a day where you rise as a phoenix from the flames announcing yourself to the world, and roaring with a passionate flame. They may not see you when you get there, they may loose themselves in their own insecurities and their own stuff, yet the object of your discipline is to proove yourself right. All those affirmations, those mornings spent, those daytimes daydreaming of the outcome. They may not arrive with you, but when you get there, invite your world in. You have triumphed against all odds, you have beaten the whisperer in the mirror, you have ignored the naysayers and the maybes, should be's and could be's , you have listened to your own inner voice. The inner voice has prevailed, here you stand, postcard in hand saying i have arrived. Can you visualise it yet, because i can. It leaves a sweet taste in your mouth, like a delicious apple, wipes the thirst from your tongue, tattooos your chest with boldness.


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