Beating the blocks

You will be blocked at each and every angle, then doors will open for your floor show to begin. The theatrics of going after a dream leave little time for self pity. Some may reject your passion, others may deny your ability to accomplish your goal, everywhere you turn you will find likely potholes of failure but the potential to learn. Who told you it would be easy. Did anyone?and why? We're you watching too many movies, reading too many fairytales. Life is not easy , to conquer the challenges that come your way you must have a strong heart. A sharp brain and a clear decision. It is the mighty that fall too often, so practiced in life's glory talk and whispers they expect the spit to brush upon them.You may be just a crack away from succeeding , a heartbreak away from learning the lessons you need to move forward, to go deep, to strive harder. It is with passion and anger that you shout I must prevail, it is with a stiff upper lip that you square your shoulders, tilt your chin up at the jesters of the world for your consistency will continue to be a mighty joke to some. " Really," they say, then it's really you reply back. What became humour , or the kiss of a thought planted between your ears, is now a full fledged seduction, you are seeing it, you are believing it and you are moving things forward. It is not for you to fix the nuisance of others, it is for you to commit, then steer ahead.


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