Branding as a bassline

Copycats. Who doesn't hate a copy cat, they have no sense of brand identity, creative realism, or surrealism, they lack the emotional output and the understanding to fully eliminate the competition. They are as plankton hanging on the edge. Branding is much more than understanding your target audience, it is hearing their needs and wants when you sleep. Deciding to go the extra mile to the places they shop, network , hangout, having discussions with them and identifying them not just as a uniformed mass, but as people with distinct identities and a story behind what they do, and why those products are active participants in their lives. For example Indiana likes a new brand of trainers, although as a young girl she would follow the americanisation of her social culture, and would fit in more with Nike brands. She's chosen something alternative, why does she choose the alternative brand.Lets call it strike, the caption in the ad being, bold assertion for brilliant minds. Indiana is a girl who values her individualism, she likes to hang out with her friends but she also likes time apparent to herself. She's the most aggressive athlete on a girls football team, and she took an interest in the brand because she liked their football trainers. Branding is about listening. Listen long and listen deep. Focus groups, surveys, look at what your audience are searching for on the web, can you offer them a better alternative, and why should they choose you over a brand that their safe with that may have been in their family for generations?


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