Branding for bitesized business (journey with @Sophia hubs)

Lets start with something simple, what is branding? I have been to the workshops, the seminars, the business brunches, and everybody is trying to sell you their brand or their idea. Branding is about creating awareness, it’s about networking and promoting your passion, building a platform, and a product that has a powerful message. Its creativity, versatility, and its fun. Who doesn’t want to have fun doing what they love. When I started my photography company my brand message was making London more accessible, visually stunning, places that people could visit free and enjoy. London is a Voyeurs paradise, visually stunning, quirky , eccentric, and I wanted to capture the moments. So I would produce a series of campaigns, the you see we capture campaign, and London Lifestyles. What is branding? It echoes in your mind, how do I build up my brand. By making it more accessible at key events related to your topic, keep your audience updated about what your brand is doing. How its feeding into assisting and developing the community, domestic life, or business environment.  How they are saving money, it is a dance of negotiation, we provide resource and information, our service will improve your lifestyle, family life, business life. We are speedy, offer more value than our competitors, have a host of events where you can meet with us and ask personal questions. We are an accessible brand, our goal is to engage with you, and create a service. Its about your customers and not just about you. What are their trends? Which shops do they target? What is the best and the quickest way to impact them. It is the voice of your product, its cry to the public, the thematic ad campaigns, the conversations you have with your target demographic. Your audience want to know that you understand their wants and needs, you can actively engage with them, you are a problem solver, you are aware of the gaps in the market and through this stream you can create a link to them and provide what they desire. 

An explosion of words has just lit up your screen, you just cannot bring yourself to stop typing. Branding is a form of creative business output, sharing your vision and your ideas with the public so they know who you are. In order to excel at marketing and branding have a tight pitch in your head. words that sell are often linked to finance and effective digital and street campaigns. Freeing the financial fugitive, fade to black a campaign about celebrating cultural diversity, ink on indigo publishing for creative writers of ethnic diverse backgrounds, sales and celebrations, pintsized poverty, giving it the thumbs down, how to know more about your market.

Marketing is about making yourself standout and creating core values within your product that your audience relate to

Marketing and branding are interlinked, they both go hand in hand. They are about consistency, and using the right hook to engage your target audience. You dont want chinese whispers, you want the pitch which sends a shiver down backs, sends goosebumps along arms, drives traffic to your site because you have the potential to change somebody's life and lifestyle. You have the potential to help them develop themselves and grow. Talk is cheap in the business world, people want to see actions, they want to seee results, and this is what i specialise in at the lunchtime digital scheme. ( Ota Okojie 07946496111) my goal is to make sure you are digitally savvy,

what is my company's message?
What drives my company?
what will drive audiences too my company
what are the public looking for?
How can i create links that enhance public interests?
Where do they go to buy products similar to mine?
if you could produce one statement about your company what would that statement be?
what does your company stand for?
What experience do you have?
know your product well?
how does it fit?
how are you simplifying things?

If you can answer these topics, you are on your way.


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