Bright lights of Business city: The Lunchbox scheme @ redbridge library enterprise desk

Ever since the Lunchbox Millionaire project teamed up with Sophia hubs i am highly inspired, and excited about driving more traffic and awareness, about startup businesses and the Lunchbox project and scheme which is about creating financial awareness for young people in enterprise , and facilitating those with a creative passion. My goal is to raise $10,000 dollars or more on the digital platform, and via an interactive service for starups and creative entrepreneurs. We are branching out, we are expanding, we are becoming not just a personal discipline, our ideas are tapping into keen points in the market. Business is about having a discipline and the ability to go fishing. Going fishing is called taking action. If your feeling active about your branding, your ideas and getting involved in our youth buddy scheme , please contact me on Ota Okojie 07946496111.


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