Building blocks of brilliance

yesterday something aroused my curiosities  I thought how many epileptic millionaires are known to the public? How many disabled leaders are seen taking selfless, pushing their chests out, or parroting to the papers. Because their goal is not to get attention for their condition, it is to lead a life of example. Use their experiences to guide others, let their embers be the light. Everyday is a triumph, a success story waiting to unfold. When pain creeps stupidly through the dark, it's clipped heels strapping at their antique flooring, they turn the other cheek showing both discipline focus and commitment.They do not let their pain define them. They push through with such vigour and such vision, this is the armour of a leader. When the world throws stones at their conditions, or the forecast is dreary, they keep their head up and allow the shield of an emotional umbrella to protect them from the rain. They remember what once upon a time I forgot, you are your vision, your passion, your pain, your story, your discipline, your victories your loss, your strengths your weakness , you are an archive of things the world is yet to understand. With each bold step you are shaping history. We often use our experiences to define us, some of us are nailed to the past, others of us are frozen in the present to scared to take action for the future. Yet the future is shaped with each action, routine, commitment, and goal met. You may have a disability or know someone who does, whoever you are you are on a journey. You must learn from the travelers abroad.


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