Business Branding with a boom

First it slept, then it woke you up. A giant of sorts, this eager vision, this thing hungry to consume your time and brain power. There is a story to branding, my story is, it is one of the most fun things you can create for your platform for your vision for your ideas. A season of campaigns which dont just rock, they sell products of the html page, they have audiences clicking like gnats at your facebook, instagram, twitter, orkut linkedin, and shopify. People want to know, because your audience want to know about you. Bite the bullet and challenge the fear of imperfection. Vision may take a lifetime to build, yet you must plant a seed and annhilate all doubt. For example, Aidan is developing a new brand of trainers which he decides to call Aidans aces. On the digital platform he can create a series of ads on biteable titled your bullet to the bus stop, the athletes new friend, the hottest new trend and the latest trotters on the market. He can interview athletes or young people in his community about what they think about the brand, how it matches up to such major competitors as Nike, promote products related to fitness and activity and provide a resource service. He is stepping outside the bracket with his new idea.

 Tell friends about your brand, tweet about it actively on social media, take pictures of gorgeous people using it, or people developing themselves with the brand. Do street vox pops and host your own channel, tell your story. People are not just buying a product anymore, their buying history and elements of the self. Have testimonials up, contact your local radio station out there. Know who your demographic is and why they will cut corners just to buy your brand. Are you offering a buy one get one free special offer, a half price deal, and a limited special offer. Have you created a hotmix database, a list of key events you will attend related to your brand and topic of choice. Put out press releases, sites can be easily googled on, yet the best customer interaction comes from word of mouth.  Have a hook, what titles are you using to draw audience in to seduce them, it is a dance like the tango, sexy , seductive paced. Pick up your pen and write a list of one to 100 local hotspots, community centres, youth centres, business centres, enterprise centres, meetup groups, market events, festivals, and any other key networking and promotion opportunities in your local area. Use a catchy turn of phrase.Get excited, mind map, on a daily basis, this is key to producing fresh new ideas and campaigns, titilate your audience, stimulate them by tapping into their wants and their needs. Go on the question and answer sites, find out what their discussing, look at google keywords and see what is trending in association to what your topic is. Have a signature, a logo if you want, or a statement that captures your audiences imagination.

If your just starting out produce your own focus groups, prepare to hold your own workshops and key seminars. Work with your local library, gym, fashion store, based solely on what your doing, build a blog if you cant afford a website and begin to expand.


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