Curious conversations to carry developed campaigns

It began with a conversation i had in my head. The mind babbles on some times,  that inner voice that dictates who you can become, steers you, adjusts you and even negotiates with you. You are being developed, being moulded, being shaped. Let us shape you on the Lunchtime scheme and open up your mind to a new possibility. The belief that you can do anything. Anything is possible with faith, and a stern belief in your potential. Maybe their following you home, taunting you in lectures, or someone at home is in such a dark place, the light they need has faded. You are starving, hungry for access, eager for change, change comes when bold steps are taken. Action is about consistency and momentum. Momentum builds when we have discipline no matter the area or the passion. Change is always coming, you are a language being translated for someone, taking action ensures you make sense. Ota Okojie 07946496111


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