Edging out of embarassment

Embarrassing yourself, aren't we all terrified of this. Making fools of ourselves, having others judge us, ridicule us or laugh at our misfortune. I've failed at many a thing many a time, and whether others have laughed or others have criticised, I have grown and exhibited beyond all their standards. It must be something you tell yourself, your mental breakfast, your lunch and your dinner. Your allowed to fail. Your allowed to make mistakes that won't hurt people, no one has the right to crucify your dreams, because in that minute they have no idea what you are preparing to become. You are the glory you seek, you are not laughable and your vision is not derelict, it takes planning , it takes structure, it takes discipline in order to reap results. It is important that you remember why you started what your doing, it is important you think of the lives of those you plan to impact positively, before you speak your giant alive. You are a living, breathing wonder, and in order to remain a mystique development has to take place. Embarrassing yourself is not your biggest fear, it is the fear of rejection. No one can fully reject your concept, if you believe in its potential and are willing to go through shell and high water to make it happen.


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