Edible Enterprise

 It doesnt matter what they say, with a strategy, a target and some key objectives you can accomplish your vision. It is a journey of stepping stones, we leap eager to get to the finish line, yet self development and the growth of enterprise is a journey. I just had a meeting with my business advisor Leonore @ Sophia hubs the enterprise desk in Ilford. For the first time i shared it out loud. That cobwebbed whisper of a dream, that vision which kept me tossing and turning , scribbling with agitation in the middle of the night. Ashamed to announce it to the rest of the world. My goal is to make my first million blogging and giving back to the community, with effective business ideas, branding and strategy. It is the monster that lurks beneath my bed, the shadow in the closet, and the conversation i have with myself every morning. How many of us are on a journey? How many of us come from humble beginnings and want to make a dramatic change? Change is inevitable, progress is not. A dream is a delicious thing, it is both maddening and exciting, you wake up in the morning hungry to conquer the day, and you can, one bite at a time. Have a strategy, a routine. Tick off the tasks you complete, you will get there, elevation means lifting above the ton. You must elevate yourself with books, films, even music, engage with likeminded people and model a leader you respect. Remember, one bite at a time.


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