Faith and your future #4billionhits

Im the one to make the change, im the one to create an impact, im the one to make a difference. My opinion counts. Wake up saying this to yourself. Many times we listen to the put downs of others lost in the web of our own insecurities. Will i ever rise up, will i ever shine, will i ever be something? You must believe you have great potential, and keen sight, to see opportunities that others cant see. You must rise, you must speak those positive affirmations into your day, the belief that can transform the spirit, the hope that you can do anything. With faith you can. It is your journey, it is your life, these are your challenges, prepare for the universe to present an army and to be at war with you. No one said this would be easy. Yet we must continue to develop our skin through all our vulnerabilities because they will come. Life is not just success. There are highs and lows to everything, claim your glory, fight for your future and leave a legacy.


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