Fallen fate destiny requires action

It is the hunger that kept you going, now you've quenched it it is the thirst that slides in. Movement requires action, action guarantees growth, growth is sustenance for life. We move in cycles. Each ink bird eager to flock to the charms of a new page, we are unafraid when we make our decisions, and the storm creeps in. A tempest so loud it can shut the whole world down with its typhoon emotions , a rage in its belly, fear is louder than many a dream. It is seductive like a slit dress and some rakish stilettos, it is the fragrance you smell upon the air when you are in the thick of things. Fight fear with empowerment, the stakes are high, the stakes are your dreams, if you do not fight you will remain in the same spot. Disconnected yet connected to it all. You will be a branch by the wayside of a tree whose nutrients are now foreign. You must be in it, the pain, the fear, the disappointment, the glory. Fate owes you nothing, life owes you nothing. The world is full of fallen entitled people, and they sit on their stoop bitter and mad at the world.


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