Inner strength on the horizon #4billion

It is a complex thing finding inner strength when we fall from grace. We find ourselves more accessible to stones, and the daggers thrown by others. We become our own krptonite. Yet if you read the biographies and study the history many a great leader plummeted, and had to climb back up. We rise when were weak because you are not pavement for the world to trample on, you have ideas and vision, plans and objectives, goals and a firm discipline. You must trust that self to wade you through the mire. Life humbles all of us. Our ego's are wrapped in cotton wool and yet, we dream still, reaching thus for our spears of persistence. Put your game face on. You are in a battle with yourself, you are fighting to belief once more in your potential, you are struggling to have faith in who you are becoming and how you can impact the world. Do not trip over traffic. Do not birdwatch the success of others enviously, your time will come, where you flourish and you rise triumphant. Listen to the intuition, it whispers with a seductive promise, of change and growth , development and vision. Open your eyes to your potential, it lurks in corners, creeping like oil, tickling your senses awake, feather light, yet tough as granite, today is another day you shape your destiny.Keep reminding yourself that you may have fallen, but you have not fallen far. There are branches you can hang unto, and a ledge you can ease your load. The world is waiting for you to visit.


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