Ladders for broken strands#4billion

Its not their job to fix you, you may want the support, desire the connection, the understanding, yet self pity is no friend of success. Were allowed to feel vulnerable, scared, life is unpredictable, yet entitlement leaves you far from your goals and objectives. In life not everybody will want to see you succeed, not everybody will want to see you grow, and not everybody will want to see you shine. Yet shine anyway, for this is what great leaders do. They shine and create movement in society, impact and awareness, growth and focus. If it is your passion to change an aspect of your life, list the changes and write the impacts you are looking for. Do the research who can assist you make thsese changes in your life, is it your business centre, your youth centre, community centre, school , university, College? Government assist? They are not there to fix you, they are there to aid you, and provide a ladder for you to clamber to the top of your objective pyramid, fulfill your plan, and meet your deadlines. Fear can convince us the world owes us, it gives you a chance to procrastinate, to doubt, to get angry, and for some anger does not fuel action, it fuels stories. Everybody has a story yet in this lifetime what would you like yours to be. A story of self pity or a story of success.


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