Never mind perfecting the script #4billionhits

It is easy to condemn yourself for your weaknesses or your flaws, were all just finding our feet. Learning the script as we go along, using our goals to connect to our plans and ideals. It is easy to allow yourself to be pushed down by others, to be held there like loose thread with no direction, yet this is your dream. To accomplish it you must do the work. You must keep steering your ship forward and busy yourself with the actions it takes to make those positive changes in your life. You are the change you seek, the growth you seek, and the love you seek. That passion, that hunger is in your core, you must channel it, you must exorcise those demons of fear. You will have your vulnerable periods, an itch in a fabric, a tear through time, and yet, you will go forward with boldness. Answering the questions you seek deep within.


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