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What would you change? If you had your life to live over again, what would you change? The reality, we all want to change elements of our life, elements of our journey. Yet its what brought us to where we are now, eager to reach beyond the prisons of conformity and slice ourselves appart from a uniformity self. You are, who you are. It took me many years to accept this, i spent time trying to validate an insecure self, compromising to fit in with other peoples rules about identity and self. Until i realised, we are who we are, each one special and unique, distinct, creative, visionary, enthusiast passionate about our own quirks. People will always try to mould you, they will try and fix you, poor broken sparrow with their aged wings. Yet through the chaos and suspense eventually we ascend towards a heightening development. People change, they grow, they make choices that mean much to them. Sometimes you have to be lawyer and defend your former self if you believe your actions were to positively assist and facilitate others, you are still learning, you are still growing eyes to see a clearer picture.


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