Pride in your persistence

It takes persistence, hunger, bold ideas and drive to really steer you forward. You must be in the pit of it. Hunger is not talk, it is a taste in your mouth, it is your every waking thought, it is the vision that creeps behind you like a shadow. It is the stage you perform on, daily. Life requires you now submit to your higher self, your greater self, a self that refuses to be denied. Do not deny yourself an oblivion of challenges, obstacles that present themselves like jewelled thrones. It is hope you are required to cling to. Do not decay your purpose with fear or desolate thinking, your greatest mount Everest is you. Yesterday i was lost, today i conquered, now i know my route i will conquer again. For the path to success is as breadcrumbs laiden with vision, ideals and lustful thinking. You must be more than your talk, more than your distractions, you must taste it feel it, believe it and breathe it. You are a dragon, and dragons breathe fire.


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