Sophia Hubs teams up with the Lunchbox Millionaire

I just had an amazingly inspired session with Sophia hubs on Marketing at the Rebdridge enterprise desk, co hosted with Ros Southern. I am revitalized with new information and a passion to assist once again. Business is hunger, its about appetite and action, creativity, diversity and an inclusive network. We grow and develop strengths from the people we affiliate ourselves with and to, striving with even more of a determined edge. The tongue is wet, we are salivating upon that vision of potential. A dream is merely a dream until it is actualized with some stern actions, be consistent, be diligent, model someone brilliant who has done what you love to do, and get people talking, get them involved and be an active listener. As much as you have bills to pay, they are eager to fix an area of their life as well. You are a stream of abundant knowledge, you are confidence, drive , ambition and self development. Don't let life steal the essence of who you are. We are meant to fail, so we learn. Ultimately we will succeed. Ultimately we will be enhanced, and we will impact the world. It is easy to lose yourself in fear, fear equals sacrifice. You must keep going, and steering forward. Follow your routine, believe in your potential and know someone else will believe in it too.


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