The age of the avid accomplishment

So they won't compromise with you, those voices that don't want you to be triumphant. Those visitors in your head that refuse to let you succeed, refuse to let you take spritely steps into your journey. You are riddled with insecurity, and downcast with fallen ideals, rise up once more. Life is not about perfect people, we are all being shaped and moulded, evolving, painting the canvas of life, bright streaks and vibrant colouring to epitomize our selves and our challenges. Mistakes are real things, yet those who are willing to take responsibility and learn and grow from their mistakes will find themselves, polished gems, or nuggets of resources. You must believe in your potential, dreams can carry you so far, it takes action, it takes needing to see the final outcome, the finished product, and as stage performer you bow, this is my accomplishment, look how it shines with such bright lights of sweat, and is scuffed because I moved it avidly.


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