The Lunchtime Scheme: Busy work for Brilliant Minds

Smarts. Voracity, hunger, clout. So your sitting in the classroom as i used to do, learning about historians who changed the world. Made an impact, developed their communities. Smarts, You don't need to be a know it all, to understand the need to conquer your area of the market. The lunchtime scheme is for kids who are passionate about developing their ideas on the digital platform, and one day utilising their creativity to make themselves financially independent. The scheme is targeted at young adults with a passion for music, creativity, sports, blogging, whatever wets your appetite, im here to make you slick.I believe your vision and your voice will carry you far, your determination, but you need management, you need a mentor, and you need an audience. Come to Redbridge Central Library in Ilford and ask for Ota Okojie @ the enterprise desk. My contact details are 07946496111
We all dream of getting out of the rat race, what if you dont have to enter it in the first place.


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