The Lunchtime scheme: Hope @redbridge enterprise desk

Hope. Its not madness i swear. I have just launched the Lunchtime Scheme to assist young people with drive passion and new ideas. It is my goal as a mentor to provide a service that helps encourage you to ignite that creative spark and fuel that vision, that passion and this perspective you have. You can change your lives, you can impact the lives of others. You have to simply believe in what your doing, believe in your potential, and take bold steps. It is not madness i swear. You are developing a core strength, an inner confidence that is both unshakable, and informing those around you. I am at the enterprise desk at redbridge library from Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, from 12 till 2 or i can be reached on 07946496111. Others have done what you set out to do, support my campaign on Crowd rise, i am trying to raise a business bursary for eager young startups like yourselves. Take part in our Initiative, be part of our scheme, and rebrand and relaunch. Have the confidence to face things such as rejection, obstacles, challenges, and commit to a discipline. Sometimes the world wont move you forward, you must take action and march.


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