The origins of your success

Stellar success, we all want it. Yet how many of us throw in the towel when things get difficult, become complicated, and we find it hard to see it through to the end. I've been there, many of us who don't have disabilities have stories to tell, here's the thing. Success doesn't compromise. It doesn't listen readily to your stories unless you use them to them to wield it with such superhuman force. Everybody likes the idea of being extraordinary, of wealth that creates access. Yet what are we really striving for? We are striving for a sense of fulfillment, validation , but most importantly growth. Life will throw you knocks , in the chaos of one's mind we find ourselves struggling for structure and consistency, yet whatever the goal when you make a commitment to getting it done. You achieve it in bitesized steps. We are going through stages. The world won't always agree with you that you are great, but you must know it.


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