The power of purpose

purpose, is the promise you offered yesterday to yourself, why not let it be the gift you receive today. There is no negotiation, this is your life,this is your time to change, your time to exit the strongholds of negativity. It is easy to lose your purpose, to lose your sight, to lose your vision. But purpose will level you out, it will add structure to your day. Give you hope when chaos rains, and triumph is desolate. Keep your eyes on your goals ahead, on your daily tasks on your activities. They are yours for completion. You are in the throws of your tempest, things will come at you in the storm. Yet you must not let your vision blur, whether you battle a disability like epilepsy, or your future remains undisclosed. We are all on a messy path. The world is full of talented people desperate to find their purpose, you know what yours is, believe in it.


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