Branding your life 4 billion hits

So everyone I'm sitting in the living room with my crazy beagles, and it has me thinking about my real passion, my real addiction, my writing. Everything I write I hope echoes in the hearts and minds of my audience, discussions of branding, creativity , art, expression, because these things are the politics of life. How you brand a product matters, it gives it distinction, when your branding for your target audience, remind yourself consistently why? What is the why behind the investment, what is the strategy plan you have organised for yourself, who should buy your product and in years to come what will it mean to them? When I think about the time it takes to construct an idea, an ideal, I visualise the impact it will have on others. When people pick up my novels will they lose themselves in the idealism, or hide within the realms of the shadow? Is there a character they can connect to? Is there a hope of which they never experienced, they'd like to see in my books,or a journey? My characters and story I define as an interactive brand, because I am as we all are constantly seeking, searching and asking all the questions we need to go from level 1 to level 2.


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