Catch me keep me motivation and avoiding distraction 4 billion hits

It's easy to get distracted, thoughts creep in like spiders, swallowing your brain in joys of escapism. Why not run, why not call it a day for now. They tickle your nerves making you giggle with the excitement of a new project, and yet ....well some of us get really stern about the prospect of a different horizon, one that may take less work. Yet work you must do until you have sweated out the pangs of hunger, quenched the thirst to see the vision. Those distractions will only make you a Jack of all trades and a master of none. They are as flakes of time crumbling before your very eyes, folding, collapsing, then splintered. To leave a legacy you must triumph above a self that commandeers an exit. You must focus on staying in the here and now, and yet still having the ability to visualize your successes , demonstrating you had the strength not to beat any demon. To beat insecurities, fear, and the obsessive compulsion to begin from scratch. One day we may find all we do is scratch.


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