Claiming victory 4 billion hits

Deciphering those questions in your head, the key ones that help you glide into your perfect stride. It began with a list for me, a list of numbers. Each number represented a different dream so I would use the numbers to motivate myself, every time I got stuck I would count until an idea entered my head. What is it for you? The hope of a vision coming to life , something you forgot a long time ago? Whatever it is. Use it. Do not deny yourself that glowing smile where you look at your reflection and you announce I have won, I've done it,to satisfy that thirst you feel within. Like I say often to my followers quitting is the easy part, once upon a time I quit so many times I became bored of quitting itself. This time I wanted to see what it looks like to finish. We've all been there fleeting like rabbits from one fox or another, yet when do you find your hocme. Where do you arrive and call it your destination, plant your flag and say I claim this victory.


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