Creative enterprise

Its true what they say about being greatful for the things you have in order for the universe to attract more blessings your way. It is delusional to believe the more you gripe, moan and complain, all places of lack the great voice will speak blessings into your chapter. It is unrealistic to simply hope. You must take action. That action begins with planning and strategy. Your strategy must be to learn how to market yourself and your brand, first produce a quality product. Make sure the content is ripe for a plucky audience, make sure you hook them in with an effective title, and when you describe your product, dont make it sound good, make it sound amazing. You have invested time and effort, and you want to bring in capital. A lot of creatives complain they cant think with a business mind and market their product, because it is in fact their baby, they abhor capitalism, and condense many feelings of lack into self fulfilling prophecies. Your product will sell if you do these key things.

Have a niche, pick a subject your passionate about. Make sure your targeting the right audience, many bloggers, businesses and visionairies alike have not quite got their finger on the buzzer with audience. Keep a keen eye on traffic and where it's flowing from,it's important to market through social media. Spread the word as honestly and as passionately as possible,about your product and all its possibilities.


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