Expanding your mind

It's true what they say about grit, determination it is your steel that will see you through. There will be tough times ahead, the days will seem more blurred from tears of frustration or seriousness, but you are using your will to pick up momentum. Your word is your bond, your dreams are your paradise, and you will get yourself there. Fate is not sleeping, but right now you need to tuck in your shoe laces so you don't trip over the stones, right now you need to hold unto the belief, the gift of promise you gave yourself, that when you have a goal, you'll chew on it until it snaps and swallow it whole. That when you have a vision you will allow yourself to be temporarily blinded by its beauty and you will take bold steps to see it come to pass. It's not about competing with others you are in a race with yourself , you are in a trial with yourself, how far can you push yourself where are your limitations? If you have any. You must believe in your potential, and consume the webinars and seminars you need to take off. One of the great ones is Robert Kiyosaki's rich dad poor dad, the richest man in Babylon, feel the fear and do it anyway, Anthony Robbins awaken the giant. Yet through all this you have to remember that one of your greatest teachers is you. You will teach your brain how to expand and communicate it's elasticity to the world.


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