Growth 4 billion hits

A goal should never sleep, it is unwinding, uprooting itself from the content in your mind, to the prospect of productivity. You have been ready a very long time, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is pArt and parcel of the course. People often say know your limitations , I say defy your limitations. There are men and women walking on moons, visiting planets , and your challenge continues to fade with every whisper of caution. In life we are the obstacles,your mindset defines how you will end up and what you will accomplish. It is real to believe that yes you may get tired, the Jekyll in you might come out and Mr Hyde is conflicted once more. It is not easy to chase a dream. Dreams are smug little things, like children they like to be chased round trees ,charmed, but they can never be seduced. There is no way around it, you must do the work.

I swear in school I was the laziest kid, popular, likeable , but lazy. I could always charm my teachers with a smile, concoct the most ridiculous excuses, and avoid doing the Labour. Yet life requires if the dream is intense, so must be the time you put into it.


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