Keepers of the past 4 billion hits

Have you ever been so stuck for words you have no idea what to fill your page with. I wanna talk about the complexities of the human psyche, the secrets we starve away in the shadows, isolating them from the world. The past haunts you like a scent, it creeps behind you like a shadow, then suddenly you stare it square in the face. It has glowing eyes and lips that move avidly pronouncing old pain. The reality is, we all have history. Do not let the past define the present. You are evolving each day, the knowledge fed into your soul is transforming you. Pain doesn't evaporate, you use it to push yourself forward. It hides a multitude of sins, secrets, you become a sedative self, scared the world will peel open the curtains and the light will shine brightly on those gems we covet so much. Yet in crisis we grow, and in chaos when we step forward we take giant strides into the future. You are your now and your tomorrow.


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