Leadership and lessons 4 billion hits

Is it really impossible?What would happen if you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone. There is no success questions, it will not one day be your turn. One day starts today with your actions, your decisions, your choices and your discipline. It is great to be inspired by the concept of the future , in the long-term these things could happen, might happen, would happen. What if you took a bite out of time to make them happen now,each day you committed yourself to a goal or a discipline. You drive yourself outside of your bracket , to test if that new bike you bought works. Can you ride it, will it flourish, will it grow limber in the sunlight out there in the open with eyes upon it, or will it defy all odds and stand tall. Plant a seed today , a seed of vision , a seed of hope, a seed of aggression, use your creativity , let yourself be consumed by this passion. You are more than just a statement, you are a bold announcement of fact.


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