Life in the next morning 4 billion hits

So it's the next morning, and I'm taking up my 4Billion hits challenge so spread the word people. Right, tomorrow has come and not only does the goal seem far away, you have birth to the idea but have nothing to water it with. The answer good literature. I was on the Tai Lopez site and his tip for motivation is to read a book a day. I say engorged, swallow them while like crunchy sweets. Warm
 Yourself up with passion and remind yourself you are propelling your dream forward. Taking bold steps into a grand oblivion, discovering new things. You are still on your way, the journey is long and arduous but you came mentally prepared for it, step outside of your comfort zone and prepare to change the world around you. You will impact, because you inform, you will develop because you have grown, you will champion because you have lead. Push beyond that comfort zone  , and thrust with all you have. Life is consistency, engagement, drive and spirit, make sure you hold unto yours.


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