Lighting up your literature 4 billion hits

My hope is to get people excited about literature, blogging and their own independent productivity. Passion isn't just about a lucid state of ideals, it takes intense hard work, drive, focus and determination. It should be your morning meal, your afternoon delight, something delicious to engage you in the evening. It must be like this the whole time you work on your projects, and pick up that pen. I have a challenge for you. I have an issue which most writers deal with, sometimes you pick up your pen and you have nothing . Yet you must lay the ink on paper as though it were a child reaching for its mattress, yawning heavily, and limbs exhausted. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, the pen is more stubborn also. It is easy to quit when you get blocked, but visualise that end product. Whether it's your blog , your book or an invention your working on, you must see it come to pass. Imagine yourself beaming with the gratitude of success, grinning to your doubters, and shocking the world with your brilliance. You are more than an idea , it is more than a seed , it is a lifestyle, it is a gem of an introduction. Loose yourself in the moment and build momentum, until even when you sleep every breath you take, you still hunger for that page. It is your escapism, your freedom, and like a loose scarf in the wind it wants you to chase it and catch it. Everything in life is about motivation. What is your why behind your concept.

My concepts I wrote to educate , entertain and engage. I wanted to be part of the world's journey as it made its voyage to more vast plains. I want to be the voice that tells you to keep going when there's a paper jam, the typewriter or computer stop working, the agents or the website brokers don't respond, the audience is slow to get the message. Keep going, because this vision belongs to you.


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