Moments and mist 4 billion hits

It takes only a moment for your life to change from one financial bracket to the next. Moments of focus, moments of clarity, moments of belief. All these moments add up to that singular moment you and the rest of the world awe at what you've done. Find themselves glued to your vision of paradise, and hoping that one day they can construct what you have done. One day they can impact loves and community the way you do, and celebrate with the boldness that you have in your heart. Moments of sacrifice, moments of pain all lead to this. How will you impact the lives of others you meet, how will you help them become a better version. Connect more, be a self they'd recommend to anyone. It is those moments that will lead you up to this, and yet, it hasn't arrived yet. You pace with frustration, gnaw at your fingernails, check your phone. And slam the keyboard down with disgust, nothing. Yet something is in the pipeline, you can feel that you are on the edge of an iceberg ready to dive into a blade blue sea. Who knows what you'll find there, and yet those moments have led you up to this.


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