Motivation masterclass

Another day in the motivation masterclass, whatever your doing right now, pick up your pen and write three words, I am capable. It's easy to feel inept , especially during tough times, life can take the fight out of you. Yet if you grit your teeth through the process of evolution, and stay focussed and productive. Change will come. It tiptoes in like a stranger, arranging the chaos on your life and folding order neatly into shelves. You are not boxed in right now, you are not trapped, you need to look beyond this vein of strand, you are mightier than you give yourself credit for. It will take imagination, it will take accessing your faith, it will take making a promise to your greater self that you will one day unveil it. A changed perspective will carry you into the promise land, freedom and abundance. Yet you must work to earn it. You must create the change you want and believe whole heartedly that once you invite it in, it's here to stay. This will take passion, persistence and hard work. Yet it will be done.


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