Other sides of a dusty coin

People won't always show gratitude at the things you do. You might meet compassion with envy, kindness with cruelty, hospitality with humiliation. Yet during these tough times, remind yourself exactly who you are and why you did the things that you did. Do not let the bitterness of others drag you to the gutter, life and the world is full and bursting with positive people, and over time you will learn to open up to them. These stings will not last forever, neither will the heartbreak. Time is a great healer, let it massage your wounds, and capture you in the bosom of its kiss. You are not alone with these feelings, many have worn your shoes, so it's time to undo the laces and put on some new ones. Maybe consider your path. For the road to ruin is laced with bitterness, and the road to freedom is merely a small orb in a chryssalis. Yet you must focus upon it and never loose track of what's important.


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