Preparing for your vision

You may not have been ready before, it's a goal at a time.It will take you a while before you get there, not everything happens to fall in our laps. It is with ease we often expect everything to slide into place. Yet this challenge welcomes a contender, someone ripe who wants more than to speak of it. You are ready now. Enter contender, ready for challenge. I play a lot of tekken with my brother, and I remember always interrupting his games as a new challenger over the years. If you identify the challenges in life as games that require strategy you are part way there. It is real. Its like running a marathon and as you come into the end you can see the finish line, visualise that finish line daily. It should be your morning , your afternoon and your evening. When you do complete this goal you will be fulfilled, you will see the vision, and you will arise. For it was a long time coming.


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