Pushing through to progress 4 billion hits

Imagine this, the challenge that frustrates you is your only acess to food water or some type of income. If you push through it you will become the great Ness you seek,yet if you continue to mourn it you will listening only time but options. Yesterday I started my favourite past time,I have a habbit of checking out the mansions of the rich and famous to motivate me. It is more than curiosity, their world is a reflection of their minds, their input, if they can input such creativity why can't I, we both have time in common. I ponder these things often when I look at the wealthy. How did they get there, why did they get there what was the motivating factor behind their a tions, how many rejections did they receive before they decided they would put themselves in a position where they would have to leave the rest of the masses behind. To be a great leader you cannot be a follower, you have to lead with instinct and good direction, you have to drive your message home. What is my message? Keep going don't quit until you arrive at your destination,and don't let others try and stop you.


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