Raising the bar 4 billion hits

Do not deny yourself the luxury of taking on this challenge. These goals will transform you, they will educate you, and you will grow. Great leaders like Richard Branson know rejection is part of the process, there is no invite to your failures, and the world dances jubilantly as you cry into a bottle. As a writer I cried many a time with frustration, why didn't they like my work, why didn't they get my message. Until I learned the art of digital marketing and strategy. I have now written over 200 books, and ten in the lunchbox millionaire series. Lunchbox has just been picked up by a publisher, and I have produced my second ebook for creative's called the art of digital marketing. This book has not yet been released but subscribe and It has all the tips and tricks on how to do what I did, find a niche in the market, corner it and engage with your audience. I'm currently working on two new novels epiclipto and the detectives series. The detectives is about a detective with multiple personality disorder, when he finds himself in the frame for the murder of an abusive father, he has to step back and begin to investigate the crime at hand. Did he do it, or was it someone with a greedy motive.

The challenge comes when your brain merrily tells you, you are tired, you must put pen down, you must step away from keyboard. Yet even I have to admit dealing with epilepsy has made me stubborn, and I've always believed to live an extraordinary life, you have to take extraordinary action. Action encourages movement, movement heightens momentum, until you are in the throes of something that has completely consumed you. Enjoy the journey, celebrate the near misses, passes, goals, because you are on your way.


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