Releasing radical 4 billion hits

So I ponder often about life and the challenges that come with it,about how to keep your head above water yet make sure your feet still touch the ground. In business, in goals it is important to have vision. Just because others don't see it doesn't mean you can't. The vision deserves real praise, you want to reel it in like a fisherman with a hook. Looking yourself very briefly in what is. What if you just kept building on your strengths, nullifying your weaknesses, dumbing down the doubt which seems to tip totaling your spine. Crunching with its heels, arrogant that it's claimed another victim. Refuse to be a victim of circumstances, be determined to be a leader within your arena. Real leaders know that life is no spectator sport, it is a trip wire and something that you could get tangled up in. Blind the world with your brilliant ideas, until they shine like stars glittering in a midnight sky. You are not yesterday's mistake if you choose, you are not your fails, your hits and misses sporadic as they come, you are the ebb and flow of a stream, you just have to remember to keep it moving. There is a world untapped within, release it.


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