Seeking the great 4 billion hits

When the body is slow the mind keeps ticking away . Have an aggressive mind , have a hungry mind as though it were a wolf starved of fuel...information. knowledge leads to abundance, many of us complain about our finances and yet how much are we educating ourselves , how much are we instilling laws and rules of success, and willing to sacrifice a life guaranteed to give you a comfort zone. This as all my discussions are debatable, so everyone get active and get involved. What motivates you, is it pain, is it heartbreak, loss, the fear of unemployment. Fear too often and it will eat you alive, do not fear the lengths the mind will go to to ensure you meet a goal. It is easy to believe in others at times, yet when it comes to believing in ourselves sometimes we find ourselves lost in the deep blue ocean with no boat but anchor. Try for this year and the new one to believe in your potential. You are the greatness you seek.


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